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PPE Suppliers Are Providing Inauthentic Certificates to Buyers, Here Is How You Can Verify Them.

COVID-19 has led to an increase in the demand for personal protective equipment (PPEs) in the country. This has led to the provision of inauthentic and fraudulent certificates provided by PPE suppliers to purchasers, including government procurement agencies.

According to accrediting agencies and…

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ANSI Standards-What are They?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private, non-profit agency that promotes and enhances the domestic and foreign effects of the U.S. universal norms and compliance appraisal framework.

Nationally or internationally, ANSI aims to enhance global competitiveness and quality of li…

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Why is Nutritional Analysis Important?

Food is the fuel the body needs to replenish itself with. Each civilization has given profound importance to food type and consumption pattern.

Hence, it can be easily assumed that food has the power to influence the bodily metabolism and organ health directly. After ingestion, food is digested t…

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Vibration Testing of Automotive Parts Testing Laboratory in India

Car industries are one of India's fastest-growing industries. There is also a growing requirement for performance products. Disposal of automotive components not only jeopardizes life and assets but threatens the credibility of a company. There is no space for malfunctions in an increasingly dynamic…

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Why Msme Should Hire Professional Testing Laboratory for Testing Activities?

For every Businessman, their business is like their baby which makes it hard to compromise with any business aspect. To grow to hire right staff members is not enough, you need to come in contact with right contractors that can help you to work and focus on those things which neither you nor your st…

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